The Bachelors of the Bachlorette

I must admit to my one guilty pleasure regarding reality TV.. the Bachelorette. I love EVERYTHING about it from the drama to watching the sexy men. I know it is considered a “sin” show but I can’t help but love it.. It could be worse… at least I am not addicted to some of those other shows like Sixteen and Pregnant and Bachelor Pad.. right?!?

Okay so I also know that it is a little late in the bachelorette season to write a blog about it… but I can’t help myself as I watched the last episode with my boyfriend who would NOT converse with me about it. But here are my opinions regarding the boys (the “FINAL FOUR”)…

Not going to lie… I love LOVE love Ames.. He is perfectly dorky which makes him adorable… Not to mention that he is incredibly intelligent and funny in a devastating way. I don’t care if he can’t fight, and do not think it makes him any less of a man… he still is beautiful and has a bod. He is 95% my type of guy witty, charming, and he has a BRAIN (I would like to see have a bit of edge). He may be the only bachelor on the show who can carry an intelligent conversation. My one reservation when it comes to Ames is… Yale, Columbia, and Harvard… REALLY!?!?! C’mon yayy for the Ivy’s but REALLY?!?! I may only be saying the because my boyfriend went to UPenn and I have sat through countless Penn football games… but still!

Okay on to JP. JP is just sexy, and damn does he look good in a tux. For what the cameras choose to show us I think that he is genuinely into Ashley and she seems completely comfortable and at ease with him. It may be just my opinion (coming from a girl who has been with her boyfriend for 5 years) but it says a good deal about your relationship when you can be completely comfortable with a guy in your pj’s and no makeup.. a lot more anyways then when you always have to dress up and go on fancy dates to impress them. I LOVED that they could just veg and be them selves with one another.  Plus they seem to have a sizzle. I must say… I would bet the J.P. comes out as the winner. There is nothing better in a serious relationship then having both wicked chemistry and being able to be yourself  with the other person

Constantine… not much more to say, then not a fan.  He looks a whole lot like Ben (it is easy to see Ashley has a type), but I see absolutely NO chemistry between him and Ashley. He may be a good guy but he seems..BLAH BLAH BLAH

and lastly… Ben. I like him but… he doesn’t appear to be the one for Ashley. It would be nice to have  a man who makes his own wine though.. YUM. One last comment. Yes, I said that Constantine and Ben are practically twins… yet, I find Ben attractive and Constantine… not so much.

Sorry for the limited comments regarding Ben and Constantine.. I guess it is clear I already have decided who would make my top two..But I would love all of your comments. Like I said I had no one to talk about this episode with and would love to hear your opinions 🙂


originally posted on tumblr July 12, 2011 by yours truely


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