Alright usually I PROMISE I will refrain (or at least attempt to) from talking about things that are school related and ordinarily boring but this really peeved me. As an undergraduate in college we spent a good amount of time talking about IEPs (individualized education plans) and No Child Left Behind, before we were thrown out in to the world of student teaching. In class I listened, and paid attention but did not put much attention in to the problems that may revolve around classroom teachers and IEPs.

My younger brother (who really is not little any more), keeps complaining that one of his classroom teachers is taking of points on his tests and homework for his handwriting. OKAY, maybe maybe I could understand where this teacher is coming from, hand writing is important. BUT the kid has an IEP, which specifically states that he needs accommodations (using a computer), due to his handwriting.

SO let me ask this, if a childs IEP requires that they recieve certain accomdations, and the child is NOT recieving those accomadations, should the teacher be able to reduce a grade, due to a factor she could prevent through following the IEP?!?! I think not. And to be honest this really pisses me off.

In the beginning this teacher did not even know he has an IEP. Shouldn’t all teachers read their students IEPs?? How can they provide their students with the best education possible, if they don’t even know their students strengths and weakness? Then, his case manager spoke with her, and told her that for testing he is suppose to leave the classroom (so he can use the computer), during the next test she once again, did not provide him this accommodation. SERIOUSLY??? DO you value your job? Are you aware that your district is making layoffs? An IEP is a federal document, and should be enforced!! It was written in a federal document for a reason.



September 20, 2011. Uncategorized.

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